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Washington License No. RAMCOGC052JC


RAM replaced two century old wooden bridges on James Street with a new single span bridge.


The scope of the project included the bridge replacement, rebuilding and widening the roadways, adding sidewalks, bike lanes, and storm water controls – including a planter on the northbound approach to reduce pollution from storm water runoff. A new parking area was also constructed to allow safe access to the Sunset Pond and recreational trails.


The bridge was open to substantial completion in just 144 days – 7 weeks ahead of schedule.



RAM’s challenge for this project was essentially to build two separate bridges in two different stages allowing a portion of the road to be open at all times to traffic. In a third stage RAM attached the two bridges to make one unit. RAM took the standard “form/pour/strip” concrete work to an operation that had to be precise and dead on in all aspects.


Due to the sensitive nature of the surrounding environment, and in order to protect the water quality and greenway, RAM worked side-by-side with the City of Bellingham, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Washington Department of Ecology (DOE).

Bridge Replacements and Improvements

James Street Bridge

Bellingham, Washington

July 2014 – March 2014




Padden Creek Bridge

Bellingham, Washington

October 2013 – June 2014


Padden Creek Bridge

James Street Bridge

Project Features

   - James Street Bridge

   - Padden Creek Bridge

• Replacing outdated infrastructure not only improves traffic safety and flow, but also creates opportunities for sensitive wetlands to be restored.