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Washington License No. RAMCOGC052JC

A natural transition for RAM on this 12,000 square foot, 40’ 7” high, building project was to not only complete the demolition and land preparation, but also design and build the Pre-Engineered Steel VP Building. The scope of this design/build project included the demolition of an existing building and slab on the site, installation of utilities, design of the building, hiring subs for structural engineering, completing all permits, preparation and pouring the foundations, erecting the steel building, and installing the walls and roof sheeting.


The  industrial building was designed for a 20-ton overhead crane with a 25 ft. clear hook height and a 10-ton overhead crane to be installed at a later date.


One of the top priorities during construction of the new building was insuring Granite Precasting and Concrete’s (GPC) business would not suffer slowdowns. RAM was able to work in the confines of the concrete yard without delaying GPC’s day-to-day business or slowing down the new building construction.


GPC Dry Cast Building

Bellingham, Washington

Dec 2014 – May 2015



Project Features


• Installation of steel columns, purlins and rafters.


• Installation of de-watering wells to keep the mechanical

pit dry.