Project Features


• RAM designed, built and installed a temporary water treatment system.


• 54,000 cubic yards of contaminated sediment, wood and debris were successfully processed under the scrutiny of the Washington Department of Ecology.


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Washington License No. RAMCOGC052JC

Former Scott Paper Mill Site Remediation

Anacortes, Washington

June 2009 – 2011


RAM’s work on this highly successful cleanup, mitigation and restoration of 40 acres of contaminated industrial waterfront at the former Scott Paper Mill site, turned the land into both a usable commercial area and an enjoyable public space. This project required detailed coordination between RAM, the Port of Anacortes, Kimberly Clark Corporation, The Washington Department of Ecology, the Longshoreman, and the Port of Anacortes’s marine contractor. RAM’s work was vital in the highly sensitive environmental cleanup during several phases of the remediation.


Phase 1 (Public Bid) – Environmental Remedial Contractor


Phase 2 (RFP Process) – Management and Equipment Supplier for Project Sediment Disposal Facility – located at the Port of Anacortes’ deep-water marine terminal.


Phase 4 (Negotiated with Kimberly Clark) – Upland remedial contractor for the 20-acre north portion of the site.


Managing and Coordinating Agencies:

Port of Anacortes; Kimberly Clark Corporation (Negotiated); Washington Department of Ecology


Overall Project Award: National Ocean Service Walter B. Jones Memorial Award for Excellence in Local Government, 2012