Project Features


• Upgraded busy 2-lane stretch of the drive to 4-lane.


• Extensive coordination with homeowners that ensured the least amount of disruption.

The residents along Sunset Drive awarded RAM with a plaque - thanking them for being courteous and professional durint eht project.


4290 Pacific Highway

Bellingham, WA 98226-9042

(360) 715 - 8643

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Washington License No. RAMCOGC052JC

Sunset Drive Improvements Phase 2

City of Bellingham, Washington – Limited Access Project

Winter / Spring 2008



RAM widened approximately one mile of Sunset Drive from Hannegan Road to McLeod Road, in Bellingham, within residential areas.


The scope of the work included installation of three 100’x20’x14’ precast underground detention vaults,  water, sewer, storm, traffic signal modifications, pedestrian crossings, and two new lanes of roadway. This project had several high-pressure pipelines that required coordination with the owners for installation of utilities above and below their lines.


RAM Construction safely managed the flow of traffic through the project without negative impacts to the community and received a quality of construction award from the City of Bellingham.


One of our most cherished awards was a plaque designed and purchased by the residents along Sunset Drive, praising RAM for a job well done and our willingness to go the extra mile to keep them safe and the project completed on time.